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Configuring NTP synchronization in SUSE Linux Using YAST

To configure a SUSE server with NTP you can follow following steps:

We will use the Yast tool to configure the NTP on the SUSE server.

Issue the Command as follows to initiate the yast tool.


You can find basic yast configuration screen as follows. Navigate to Network Services and select NTP configuration.


This will open the basic NTP configuration screen.


To configure the server with the basic NTP time synchronization while bootup of the servers select the option During Boot . In the NTP Server configuration section you can use the Random timeservers  Servers  or you can configure the required NTP server to be configured with the server in the Address section.

You can configure Advanced Settings for the NTP server via the Advanced Configuration setting.

It will open a screen similar to the following:


Select the Edit option and place the appropriate Server details in the Address section. Once Done Click on Finish. It will auto restart all the respective services for NTP. Quit the Yast tool once all the above settings are done as mentioned.

You can check the configuration using the ntpq command.

#ntpq -p


# ntpq

ntpq> peers

This will print a list of the peers known to the server. Thats it! The server is now synchronized with the mentioned NTP server.


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