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How to change default language for AWStats in plesk?

If you want to change the default language in plesk follow following simple steps for this:

Plesk defines default language used for the awstats in a directive “Lang” in the following configuration files:



Open the above files in ay favorite editor and locate the directive


First available language accepted by browser=auto

You can change this directive to the following options as required

 Possible values:
Albanian=al, Bosnian=ba, Bulgarian=bg, Catalan=ca,
Chinese (Taiwan)=tw, Chinese (Simpliefied)=cn, Croatian=hr, Czech=cz,
Danish=dk, Dutch=nl, English=en, Estonian=et, Euskara=eu, Finnish=fi,
French=fr, Galician=gl, German=de, Greek=gr, Hebrew=he, Hungarian=hu,
Icelandic=is, Indonesian=id, Italian=it, Japanese=jp, Korean=ko,
Latvian=lv, Norwegian (Nynorsk)=nn, Norwegian (Bokmal)=nb, Polish=pl,
Portuguese=pt, Portuguese (Brazilian)=br, Romanian=ro, Russian=ru,
Serbian=sr, Slovak=sk, Slovenian=si, Spanish=es, Swedish=se, Turkish=tr,
Ukrainian=ua, Welsh=cy.

Thats It! It should now change the default language forAwStats in plesk.


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