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Access Joomla with temporary URL

Sometimes you would like to access Joomla with a temporary URL for testing or in case the domain is not propagated. In order to access Joomla using temporary URL you can follow following steps:

Go to the directory where the Joomla for the domain is currently installed. For instance consider I have installed Joomla for my domain in joomla1 folder under my domain.

1) Go to the folder joomla1 under your domain:

[root@server ~]# cd /home/user/public_html/joomla1

2) Now copy the htaccess.txt to .htaccess if it does not exist

[root@server joomla1]# cp htaccess.txt .htaccess

3) Assign appropriate ownership

[root@server joomla1] # chown user.user .htaccess

4) Open the .htaccess file

[root@server joomla1]# vi .htaccess

5) Now in order to enable the access to temporary URL you can do the following

Locate the line which says “# RewriteBase /”

6) Uncomment the line and edit it as follows:

RewriteBase /~user/public_html/joomla1

7) Save and quit the file now.

8 ) Try accessing your Joomla site now with URL:: http://XX.XX.XX.XX/~user/joomla1.

Thats it.



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