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Directory index forbidden by rule

I installed joomla successfully, and tried to access the administrative URL:: http://www.xyz.co.uk/administrator/ and I got a 403 error.

1) Checking for the error log on the server it displayed me:

[Thu Sep  2 04:48:54 2010] [error] [client XX.XX.XX.XX]Directory index forbidden by rule: /home/xyz/public_html/xyz.co.uk/administrator/

This error occurred because of multiple index files in the “administrator” folder.

Follow following steps in order to remove the error.

2) Go to directory /home/xyz/public_html/xyz.co.uk/administrator/.

[root@server~]# cd home/xyz/public_html/xyz.co.uk/administrator/
[root@server administrator/]# ls -l index*

3) Open the .htaccess file for the directory and mention the index file to be used.

[root@server administrator/]# vi .htaccess

Insert following line

DirectoryIndex index.php

Save the file.

4) Try to access the URL http://www.xyz.co.uk/administrator/ now. The error should now be sorted out..

Note:: xyz.co.uk is an example. You may replace it with the respective domain name.


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