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Unable to login HORDE

It might happen that you are not able to login to Horde in order to check the emails. Even if you click on the Login the screen does not let you login and freezes at the login itself. You can follow following steps to sort the issue.

1) Login to the server as root.

2)Go to the folder  /var/lib/mysql/horde

[root@server~]# cd /var/lib/mysql/horde

3) Check if you can find a  file named “ horde_sessionhandler.frm

[root@server~]# ls -l horde_sessionhandler.frm

4)Rename all the file named “horde_sessionhandler” with other name
Drop the table “horde_sessionhandler” through mysql.

5) Now type in issue the command “mysql“.

[root@server~]# mysql

6) It will take to mysql prompt . Type “use horde;

mysql> use horde;

7)Now copy the  following command and paste it on your prompt.

mysql>CREATE TABLE horde_sessionhandler (session_id VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL, session_lastmodified INT NOT NULL, session_data LONGBLOB, PRIMARY KEY (session_id)) ENGINE = InnoDB;

8)Now quit mysql and restart mysql service. This should resolve your issue now.


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