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Checking server configuration files through command line.

Following commands can help to check the syntax of the configuration files  of different services directly through command line.

1) To check the syntax of APACHE:

[root@server ~]# httpd -t

In order to check the syntax of virtualhost:

[root@server ~]# httpd -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS

2)To check syntax for DNS:

a) checking syntax errors in the main configuration file..

[root@server ~]# named-checkconf main-config-file

main-config-file : Mention the path of the main configuration file.

b)To check the zone file for a domain.

[root@server ~]# named-checkzone domain zonefile-location

zonefile-location: The exact location of the zone file to be checked

3)To check syntax of SAMBA:

[root@server ~]# testparm

4)To check syntax of SQUID server:

[root@server ~]# squid -k check
[root@server ~]# squid -k parse


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